Canyon Creek strives to continuously improve customer service. We welcome you to contact us directly with any questions that are not addressed by the following ones, often asked by our prospective clients.

What types of projects does Canyon Creek build?
We build custom homes and small commercial buildings, including major remodels and tenant finishes.

Can Canyon Creek design my project?
Yes, we can help you design your building or remodel with your concept and our insight. We can also work with your designer and architect, or we can introduce you to our trusted professional contacts.

What style of structure can Canyon Creek build?
We thrive on diversity and enjoy traditional and cutting-edge construction. Our recent projects range from traditional to contemporary, and include log/timber, steel, and conventional construction materials.

How much will my project cost?
This is a very commonly asked question which depends on the size and complexity of the project. We have delivered simple homes at less than $150/foot, and our most elaborate may be $500/foot or more. Many factors contribute to the final cost including site conditions and the design of the structure. Simple core and shell construction for commercial structures may start at $85/foot, and final costs depend on many factors. We would be honored to meet with you and provide an estimate for your project.

Can I see some of your current and completed projects?
It would be our pleasure to show you some of our current projects. For a quick overview visit our gallery of pictures and contact us to schedule your consultation. An overview of Canyon Creek's portfolio of projects appears on the Residential, Commercial, and Construction Pictures pages.

What about financing?
Careful budgeting is required for a successful project. Canyon Creek will help prepare a detailed cost estimate for construction of your project and would be pleased to refer you to several local banks to help you secure financing for your project.

Why hire Canyon Creek?
We will work hard for you, and use the best materials and techniques for your complete satisfaction.